Meet man who keeps lion as pet, lets it sleep on his bed


The man explained to Caters News Agency he bought the ‘big cat’ six months ago while it was still a little cub. The lion named Babbar eats around eight kilograms of meat per day and weighs whopping 76kgs.  Tiwa Savage tells Wizkid According to Zulkaif, Babbar is around to roam around the house and is even fortunate enough to own a king size bed. The owner of the lion who is also a father terms the furry animal as his child and is opposed to chaining the king of the jungle. “I have never chained Babbar nor will I ever because I love him like my own child,” he said. And if you think getting a lion was a decision made by the whole family then sorry to say you are wrong. Zulkaif did not notify anyone about his decision to buy the wild animal. Instead, he bought it and surprised his kin. “But they were all very happy to see him. They all come to meet him every day,” the wealthy dad said. Could this be what they refer to as rich people problems? Just recently, Nigerian singer, Runtown bought a pet lion and several celebrities reacted to the news in funny ways. The singer who is known for his distinct Afrobeat sound shared a video of himself feeding the lion, whose white fur and innocent look could almost make it pass for something other than a wild predator. Having acquainted his fans with his lovely pet lion, Runtown went on to ask his fans and friends what he should name his new companion. As expected, his simple request for a name turned into an outcry.