African female embrace technology,innovators take centre stage at the 2019 Vivatech Fair in France


African female innovators exhibited a strong presence at the 2019 Vivatech Fair which opened on Thursday in Paris, France.

Women are core members of innovator delegations from Algeria, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, African countries present at the expo.

According to the Chief Executive of Algerian based company Addex Technology, Djaoued Halal, gender parity is a matter of seeking efficiency and often they are led by men who do not necessarily have the same vision or men who are not used to being led by a woman.

More and more women are joining tech firms while others are creating and managing start-ups. Some are still finding the male-dominated field challenging.

African women are increasingly embracing technology. The start-ups present at the Vivatech Fair are trying to send a clear message at a time when Africa is innovating for women and by women.